Three New Reports - Week of February 18, 2020

"Parent and sibling attitudes among top influences on teenage e-cigarette use" and more.

Explaining link between emotion and addictive substance use

Science Daily

What drives a person to smoke cigarettes? What role do emotions play in this addictive behavior? Why do some smokers puff more often and more deeply or relapse many years after they've quit? If policy makers had those answers, how could they strengthen the fight against the global smoking epidemic? A new report by researchers offers a key insight: sadness plays an especially strong role in triggering addictive behavior relative to other negative emotions like disgust.

Sitting still linked to increased risk of depression in adolescents

Science Daily

Too much time sitting still -- sedentary behavior -- is linked to an increased risk of depressive symptoms in adolescents, finds a new study.

Parent and sibling attitudes among top influences on teenage e-cigarette use

Science Daily

Flavor, safety and family attitude toward vaping are among the greatest factors influencing teenage perception of e-cigarettes, new research finds.

When pharmacists are asked to provide naloxone, there should be no hesitation. [Read more]


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