NEW!! Mental Wellness Short Video Series

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson has initiated a mental wellness video series

that is being broadcasted and archived on Darien’s TV 79, citing her “concerns for the social and emotional toll the Covid-19 crisis is having on us all.”

The project is a three-way collaboration between DAF Media, The Darien Foundation, and TV79.

“We are all overwhelmed with ‘information’ on the virus but I’ve seen little in the way of supports for how the lack of human connection, quarantines, isolation, and the fear of illness and even death are affecting us,” Stevenson said.

“I reached out to my friends and colleagues Ingrid Gillespie, director of Communities 4 Action and Maud Purcell, founder and executive director for the Life Solution Center who immediately agreed to help me with my idea,” she said.

Stevenson said the idea was to ask both public and private sector mental health professionals, clergy and representatives of other service provider organizations to share their expertise on how to cope and thrive in this unusual environment.

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Go to the Vimeo Channel to view the videos.


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