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Need help? Call the Connecticut Problem Gambling Helpline 24/7 at 888-789-7777 or text "CTGAMB" to 53342.

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Regional Gambling Awareness Teams bring together representatives from treatment, prevention, recovery, and your local communities to share resources, collect data, assess community awareness and readiness, support efforts to create gambling-informed programs and services, and support the mission of DMHAS  Problem Gambling Services in raising gambling awareness across the lifespan and the continuum of care.  In SW CT, the Regional Gambling Awareness Team meets quarterly at Burroughs Community Center, 2470 Fairfield Avenue.  All are welcome!  For more information, please contact Ingrid Gillespie by email or call 203-588-0457.

Present Gambling Awareness Team Members include:  Susan McLaughlin/Jeremy Wampler/Fiorigio (Fred) Fetta (DMHAS PGS), Diana Goode/Art Mongillo/Kaitlin Foshay Brown (CCPG), Brian Morris/Cindi DuBois/Jennifer Benney (RNP Inc), Melodie Keen/Rob Zuckerman (CT Renaissance), Jennifer Hrbek/Bob Vietro (Positive Directions), Joanne Blasius (Person in Recovery),Giovanna Mozzo (The HUB), LuAnn Murphy (Greenwich Hospital), Steve Matos (FCCA/The Connection), Joanne Blasius (Advocate, Person in Recovery), Maggie Young (Liberation Programs Inc), Ina Andersen (GBAPP),Tom Chiappetta (FCSC), Kiersten Nauman (TPAUD), Kendra Epps (Stratford Partnership), Ingrid Gillespie (Communities4Action), Carlos Reinoso (CCAR)

Congregation Assistance and Community Awareness Program (CAP)

The “Congregation Assistance Program” trains individuals in faith-based organizations in behavioral and mental health issues and the local community resources available to people seeking help with these concerns. Participants learn the signs, symptoms, and impact of addictions, including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and gambling, and explore ways to assist and refer a person in distress, including those with suicidal thoughts.


Often a first step for community members seeking help with a mental health or substance use concern is to approach their clergy member or faith-based community. Since these congregations already possess the human and spiritual resources to help, the Congregation Assistance Program, or “CAP”, simply provides the training, or “capacity building”, for congregants to give parishioners in need the tools necessary to start on the path to recovery. Due to requests from business and community groups who saw this as an opportunity to increase the capacity of their organizations to support and assist their own members, CAP is now offered to non-faith-based groups as the “Community Awareness Program”.

To learn more information about CAP, talk with a program facilitator, or schedule a CAP for your faith-based or community organization, please contact Ingrid Gillespie by email or call 203-588-0457 or visit the CAP website.

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